Mar 31, 2019

Cory Diary : Blue Bolt Eggs

I bought 9 blue bolt shrimps from the internet. They are really small. Takes long time for them to grow up.
Ended with 5 adults. Recently I accidentally lost 2 of them. Suspect they have themselves hidden in my air filters and got washed out into the dirty pail water ..... darn ...

I was doing major overhaul and introduced black water due to recent water quality issue. To my surprise, a day later I found 1 of the 3 surviving shrimps is berried. The other two shrimps are males.

Hopes to see the shrimplets survive in this corydoras tanks.


Mar 14, 2018

Cory Diary : Spring Cleaning

Winter has passed. The weather getting warmer and I think is time to scrub my glass from algae. I also decided to move all my Corydoras into a single 2ft tank for easy maintenance.

I have another air filter moved over to support the increase loading despite many of the red shrimps have disappeared due to acidity of the water from the Indian almond leaf. In total I have 4x duplicareus, 6x virginiae, 2x sodalis, 5 atropersonatus, 4x sterbai, 10x elegans. That's the max I would go for now. I like them so much.


Nov 27, 2017

Cory Diary : Corydoras virginiae

Species: Corydoras virginiae
South America: Ucayali River basin in Peru

Got them this weekend. They look very healthy and reasonably prized. Requested for two initially but decided to get another two more on impulsion as I seldom see them on sale. I would love to get more but I think maximum i would allow at a time has to be limited to avoid water quality issue.

Probably will consider two more later once this batch settled down. One of them got caught in the net and the shop assistant has to manually handle it in order to remove the pectoral fin from the mesh. I could hear the rag sound which seems quite loud when separated. Likely serrated.

The translucent white on the body frame looks clean and nice. Faint Black lined the top edge of the body. They swam in group immediately and their size are relatively large. Beautiful fish. According to ScotCat web site, is a hardy species of corydoras so I am glad to have purchased four of them.


Aug 21, 2017

Cory Diary : Acquired three C. duplicareus

I am back on this species. Just acquired 3 of them from the famous fish street in Taipei. The aquarium store provides professional service. The fish is bagged individually and double bagged with newspaper in-between. I am please with their knowledge.

Plan View of the Species
The species I got is the higher torso variety which I preferred.  The shop marketed it as wild caught. One of them have dark botch on the dorsal. On the coloration or pattern, my criteria is to look for thicker black band sharper cut.

Above picture : The background is not so good. I would get a darker color in the future for fins clarity which will help to identify the sexes. The body shapes are not clear as I feel it needs to be fed for some period first to be more definitive.

Above picture : I did not do acclimatization as the bagging is good and the fishes are healthy. The longer time they stay in the bag may not be a better option. So I just scope them up for the plan view taking and immediately release them into the community tank.There is some rapid gills movement in one of them about an hour. Other than that everything looks normal after. I do some feeding and roughly 15% water change next morning just to keep them fresh.

Above Picture : Three new occupants swimming happily



Jul 5, 2017

Corydoras Origami

New species ? Nope. Is a hobby on Origami. And the species is corydoras schwartzi.

I enjoyed the whole process of making it. 6 of them. Cheers


Oct 20, 2013

Aquascape: Rili Shrimp 2FT Office Tank - Part 2

If it's not fun, you are not doing it right !

Can you see the baby shrimp on the right side of the foreground shrimp ?

Feeding time !

Latest picture just taken 10 minutes ago from side view

20 Oct 2013

Oct 14, 2013

Aquascape: Rili Shrimp 2FT Office Tank - Part 1

Here's the documentation on my tank setup.

Here's the draft concept of the landscape. Horizontal but low. Rocky terrains with low level plants.

Species will be C. pygameus and Shrimps. Plant will be small leave plants. Don't know their names.

Stones and gravels added. Pairing of stones with similar design. Gravel is for planted and black.

Looking from the side, trying to take care of both front and back view since i like people to view it from both sides of my table.

Bottom right is the bubble counter. Filled up with filtered water to avoid deposits.
If done right, water inside will remain for long time. So far 1 week already.

Top is the 2 FT LED lighting. Not sure enough. Will continue to monitor.

Here's the 1L CO2 system. Has two pressure gauges with solenoid. I like the ease of setting them up. Did some fine tuning to understand how they work.

The left gauge of mine reflects the cylinder pressure with a lower valve to control it. Open more than enough for it to flow.

The right gauge again on this cylinder, reflects the pressure to the bubble counter. Controlling the valve just below it manage the bubbles. there is some lagging to watch.

Here's the reactor. I was a little worried that my overhang filter is not strong enough. However looking on the direction of the bubbles moving across from the bounce back current coming from the opposite end means the flow covers the entire area.

Fitting in the CO2 tube is a challenge as the pressure keeps pushing it out. Finally uses drastic measure of heating up the tube and freeze the reactor to tight fit them. Follow by a lighter across the overlapping areas.

Picture with plants. I got 3 mat size of the plants, cut them up to smaller pieces and squeeze them into the gravel. One thing i should have done instead is to wet the gravel a little instead of filling up to an inch. Will be much more easier to hold down the mat into it.

Corydoras and shrimps added almost immediately without the normal recycling. Total about 10 each.
Full length view of the complete tank setup

Entering into 2nd week. Overhang filter fits nicely on the left latch. The current manages to hit on the opposite right side and back.

14th Oct 2013

Oct 5, 2013

Shrimps Acclimatization

Thinking of setting up a shrimp based planted tank. Spend 30 minutes to blog and research my plan.

One key takeaway i found is the need to be prepared to acclimatized Shrimp as they are sensitive to water conditions.

My Notes : Planted, CO2, Small-Medium size tank, Plants, Shrimp species, Fish types, Tank layout, Food, Lights, Soil, Shells, Mini Net with long handle, external drip hanger, Wood/Stones, Mini Canister,Scissor - 14" - Curve, mini-net.

Few things to watch,

The planted tank has to be ready and stable before buying Shrimps

Netting rims are hard and pressing the shrimp against the plastic bag can cause injury

Avoid transfer that expose the Shrimps to air
Especially when they are stressed. Moss to calm the Shrimps

Spend an hour to transfer tank water to the shrimp
Do not transfer water back to the tank to avoid external introduction

Shrimps molt when environment parameters change. During this period their skin is very soft.
Remove fishes that will attack them.

Do not feed them till they have settled comfortably

5th Oct 2013

Sep 29, 2013

Taiwan Aquarium Expo 2013

This year we have about dozon 台湾正妹 to introduce the event. For your pleasure !

29th Sept'13

Nov 4, 2012

C. duplicareus youth

4 babies makes it to youth. No photo this time as i left my camera in Singapore.
Is a long time since i start interested in breeding again. Is kind of long learning curve.

4th Nov 2012

May 6, 2012

Corydoras duplicareus @ Day 20

Three more deaths from different hatcheries but none of them has red content in stomach from the red coloring of dry foods. I decided to stop Brine Shrimp feeds (maybe is too potent) just in case as many of them able to take dry foods already.

Day 20 fry with newly hatched
A few looks weak from refusal to eat so i expect few more deaths in the coming days. At the meantime, the adults continue to spawn eggs but not more than 10 each time with many of them infertile.

Swimming Upside Down
Oil Accumulation on the surface is another issue. Interestingly there is one hatchery that do not has. In it, there are frys swimming upside down suckering on the surface which probably explains the lack of it. Not sure the extend of impact to their health. One of the DIY hatchery was then modified to allow surface pass through with the main tank as an experiment. This is fun.

6th May 2012

May 3, 2012

Corydoras duplicareus @ Day 17

Corydoras Frys @ 17 days from Day One - Egg

Finally after a painful number of corrective actions, got to see the stage of free swimming frys eating external foods. Death rates have came down significantly to almost zero. The frys are much stronger and vibrant as well.

To date, i have at least 20 free swimming frys taking both brine shrimps and dry foods from 3 different hatcheries of different batches. About another 20 still taking york sac. And about a dozon left over eggs. Since cutting down on food to the adults, breeding has slowly ceased. This allow me breathing space to concentrate of growing the frys and a cleaner tank water.

During this period i have the hatchery expanded to cater for larger active frys. They are handmade of which the design i am proud of after many trials and errors. Is more fun than keeping the frys alive though the result is the goal.

Hatchery Requirements

- Will not topple
- Prevent foods from slipping through
- Side and under opening to support good ventilation
- Shock absorption internal and external
- Will not escape or eaten through gaps
- Easy to navigate the hatchery
- Easy to observe the frys
- Large enough room to support fry growth
- Cheap and easy to access materials
- Provide shade but avoid dead corner area
- Tank debris not easily stuck onto it

3rd May 2012

Apr 28, 2012

Ceramic Pipe Set

Ceramic Pipe Set

Was seeking a good shelter for my corydoras and found one in a LFS selling at relatively cheap price.
It has Breeder, Filter and Decoration purposes as well.

Finally has time to place it inside my two feet tank today. To my surprise, all my corydoras were quite afraid of it and keep themselves onto the other side of the tank. The juveniles will play around it but will not dare to step through the tunnels. I saw a foraging adult get spooked at the entrance when it unwittingly explore to the entrance and make a quick getaway.

This is incredible ....

28th April 2012