Apr 13, 2012

Corydoras brevirostris

Corydoras brevirostris

From the original batch, three left in my community tank. Two females and a male i believe.

C. brevirostris looks similar to C. melanistius which do not has dotted lines on the caudal fin (tail).

Corydoras brevirostris

So far no known breeding yet from the internet. I check my tank, the only male is not eager either ... but the C. atropersonatus male seems horny and is courting her right now as i type ... lol

After so many years she is getting fat. Here's the latest photo. She looks shorter as it is taken at an angle. What a beauty anyway. Corydoras looks best either when they are small or when they are fully developed.

Notice the spines on the dorsal fin. For this photo I counted 9 in total. The first spine which is the largest, is the one which can stun just like the pectoral spines.

Since i happen to have a classic photo on differentiating sexes i will show them. Take note that not all species are same but generally for Corydoras, this is the primary way.

On the left is the female. As you can see from the top, the fat stomach is a good indication.

Right is the male and as you can see it is smaller and thinner.

13th April 2012

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