Apr 3, 2012

Corydoras sterbai 金珍珠鼠

Another colourful species. I have dozon of them from a local Singapore Farm when first bought.
Orange coloured pectorial and pevic fins. Dark brownish body with white spot on the head and patterns on the body. One of the earlier species personally breeded in Singapore.
C. sterbai (L), C. trilineatus(R), both juveniles.
 Price has gone down some what due to the ease of breeding. Nevertheless the feature of the fish is awesome if properly kept and fed well. Majestic in the way it carries itself. Most of the local store carry thin or weak youngs probably the farms are too eager to sell them to strong market demand.

If you look closer in the photo, C. sterbai eye seems tilted down as though staring down through the glass. Personally from my experience, during feeding time, they hardly use visual and may skip pass food right infront of their eyes instead they rely on their sensitive barbs to do the work.

My believe is that they have very poor eyesights and probably can see movements and shades to dart away from enemy. Ability to roll their eyes also help to clean it of dirts and sands when probing into the sand or gravel for foods.

How many corydoras species are there ?

Corydoras Species are peaceful fish and may huddle together even between different sub-species. However i do observe stronger tendency to swim with the same.

They like to play in strong current.
If they do not know the environment well enough, if you approach the tank, they will freeze, and after a while they will scatter. Once I step back, out they come. By the way they do sleep when lights out.

Their natural instinct is to lounge around foraging the sands and plants. Minimum 6. A dozon will be nice in my personal opinion.

As fluffy says : I think you are missing a lot of the sheer delight of keeping these fish.

3rd April 2012


  1. 图里面似乎有三种哦。youtube上有一个视频,好像是荷兰人的一个10feet的缸,拍摄了他把50只sterbai放入缸中,以及他们在缸里群游的景象。非常好看。

  2. In larger tank, you can observe their schooling behaviors better. Add some running water across the tank, and you will have a swarm. I did that before. Yes is an awesome sight.