Apr 2, 2012

Corydoras duplicareus 黑金紅頭鼠

Corydoras duplicareus

One of the brighter species in the Corydoras Family and a good addition to the aquarium hobby.

Right: High-body variety, thick black band and dark base of the dorsal fin looks handsome. Resemble C. adolfi except of much thinner irregular band. In nature, comes in variety of band patterns and shapes. C. adolfi is rarer in the hobby.

Corydoras is peaceful but active as a bottom feeders. They are easily assimilated into planted tank aquarium setup despite different eco background from it's native. There is suspicion that a more balance pH myabe a more conducive environment to them.

On the left, result of successful breeding of the species. I have reached "F2" stages.

Click on the right photo to see larger close up picture of  the pair. Breeded this species in 2003.

3rd April 2012


  1. 非常可爱~。他们最大能张到多大呢?

  2. 大該4-5公分吧。也要看体行類。有些交長,有些高些。

    Typical size is about 4 - 5 cm. I notice there is quite a number of varieties. Some has long body, some stout.

  3. Hi there, are you base in Singapore or Taiwan? Are you interested in letting go some of your f1sor f2s?

    1. Hi, I am back to the hobby after a long time. Let see how I do after. :)