Nov 27, 2017

Cory Diary : Corydoras virginiae

Species: Corydoras virginiae
South America: Ucayali River basin in Peru

Got them this weekend. They look very healthy and reasonably prized. Requested for two initially but decided to get another two more on impulsion as I seldom see them on sale. I would love to get more but I think maximum i would allow at a time has to be limited to avoid water quality issue.

Probably will consider two more later once this batch settled down. One of them got caught in the net and the shop assistant has to manually handle it in order to remove the pectoral fin from the mesh. I could hear the rag sound which seems quite loud when separated. Likely serrated.

The translucent white on the body frame looks clean and nice. Faint Black lined the top edge of the body. They swam in group immediately and their size are relatively large. Beautiful fish. According to ScotCat web site, is a hardy species of corydoras so I am glad to have purchased four of them.


Aug 21, 2017

Cory Diary : Acquired three C. duplicareus

I am back on this species. Just acquired 3 of them from the famous fish street in Taipei. The aquarium store provides professional service. The fish is bagged individually and double bagged with newspaper in-between. I am please with their knowledge.

Plan View of the Species
The species I got is the higher torso variety which I preferred.  The shop marketed it as wild caught. One of them have dark botch on the dorsal. On the coloration or pattern, my criteria is to look for thicker black band sharper cut.

Above picture : The background is not so good. I would get a darker color in the future for fins clarity which will help to identify the sexes. The body shapes are not clear as I feel it needs to be fed for some period first to be more definitive.

Above picture : I did not do acclimatization as the bagging is good and the fishes are healthy. The longer time they stay in the bag may not be a better option. So I just scope them up for the plan view taking and immediately release them into the community tank.There is some rapid gills movement in one of them about an hour. Other than that everything looks normal after. I do some feeding and roughly 15% water change next morning just to keep them fresh.

Above Picture : Three new occupants swimming happily



Jul 5, 2017

Corydoras Origami

New species ? Nope. Is a hobby on Origami. And the species is corydoras schwartzi.

I enjoyed the whole process of making it. 6 of them. Cheers