Apr 6, 2012

Corydoras pygmaeus

A pygmy corydoras roughly an inch in adult size. Unlike most corydoras, C. pygmaeus is more of a midstream swimmer and will constantly nibbles the surrounding plants. They like to swim in shaol and very friendly to other inhabitants like most corydoras do. When disturbed they may sink to the bottom and hide.

Due to their size, if fed bloodworm, likely will need to chop them up into appropriate size for them to suckle. Avoid adding any fish that can fit  pygmaeus to their mouth into the same tank.

An easy mis-identified sub-species is C. hastatus despite they can look very different except for size, when placed side by side.

I have yet get the chance to breed this species. It will be nice to record the fry development stages.

6th April 2012

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