Apr 4, 2012

Corydoras schwartzi 舒瓦茲(蝙蝠俠)鼠

This sub-species have so many vareties that is not easy to confirm them by just looking at them alone. Is not that rare and can be found in a number of aquarium shop along the famous Dun Hua Nan Lu Sector 5 Aquarium Shop Belt if you look hard enough for them. Do take care of the health condition before you buy. It has Dark Mask across the eye,  banded lines across the body, claudal and dorsal fins. The lines maybe zaggard at certain portion of the body.


Most people do not know which river or creek the fishes are captured. Neither do the shop owner since it typically goes through one or more distribution channels. We just see and buy !

Have a heck of time trying to identify them correctly and need to constantly reference to a few books. One of the clearer books i have is from famous Ian A. M. Fuller & Hans-Georg Evers "Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish". I got Ian signature in it numbered 041. Yeah !

I do not believe the book is widely available since is quite specialise and relatively expensive. If you read this article and manage to buy one after, please let them know i helped to introduce the book to you !


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