Apr 11, 2012

Corydoras Foods

Tetra Bits

One of the better food my Corys and I like are Tetra Bits. They like to eat and i ofcourse like to buy and feed them. Is clean, crispy to handle and can be feed through feeder machine. However they don't sink as well in recent years. So lazy corydoras has to wait till they come down if no one is helping them.

Blood Worms

You can buy the lives one but i think is getting harder to source for them in Singapore. Normally is sold in froze pack. Corydoras like them as well but is quite messy and messup the tank water quality. I have yet seen any LFS in Taiwan selling Live ones.

Tubiflex Worms

This are potent food. They condition the fish very fast for breeding however need to beware of "alien organism" that comes with it. I am ok with bare bottom tank use in farming. But for home tanks, not hygiene in my personal opinion. Usually sold lives in singapore but i did ever found a Taipei LFS selling dried cube version which is alot better but it doesn't sink. What i did is to dip it into the tank water and squeeze it slowly. After a few trys, the cube will break up and sinks. The foods will cause some mess and cloud the tank for some period of time.

I understand from a LFS owner that such worms are harvested from pigs's waste with knee level water waste. yucks !

Food Tablets
This are ok but relatively expensive. Some Corydoras may need some coaxing. A good alternative if you cannot find tetrabits.

Link of Cory care which i thought is useful http://www.corydoras.net/care.aspx

11th April 2012

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