Apr 9, 2012

Corydoras aeneus

Corydoras aeneus
 One of the more popular retail species in the market commonly known in the trade as Bronze Cory. Come with different body pattern varieties as they can be found in many river systems in south america region. It is commonly breeded in farm now so you can hardly seen any wild versions and even so will have special prices to pay for the higher transportation fee and taxes to be paid. They are so well suited in many tropical regions that not surprisingly they are easily spawned.

Corydoras aeneus

The variety i first had probably "peru" locality. It has reflective body patterns rather than dull ones. Notice the beautiful "Armoured Shield" reflected from my camera shot in the right photo.

There are also laser varieties of orange or green neon stripes which are now identified as separate species. I believe rightly so as they also have very unique body shapes.


Notice the bare bottom tank setup. Quite simple and maybe an idea for my ZEN apartment. The advantage of such "farming setup" is minimal effort needed to maintain the tank to support heavy feeding and water viscosity. The few prerequisites to condition the fishes and ignite spawning.

C. aeneus, juvenile

Species breeded in 2002 by author.

9th April 2012

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