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Apr 6, 2012

Corydoras habrosus

Another pygmy corydoras slightly larger than an inch size and half in adult. Unlike C. pygmaeus it is a bottom deweller like most other corydoras.

My experience with them is not good. They seem much more fragile and their size is not helping.

I would like to attempt them again one day. From known literature, the female is considerable larger in size.

6th April 2012


  1. 我也很喜欢habrosu.的确是非常难养。他们在community tank里面抢不到食物吃。我曾经给他们设立过speicies tank,效果会好一点。

  2. 我算比交懶。有心的話因該會好些。他是位一小鼠魚類中在地上生活的。其他倆種都“飛”了。哈

  3. - English Version -

    Is the one of the three pygmy species that moves at the bottom most of the time like other large corydoras.


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