Apr 25, 2012

My Two - Two Feet Corydoras Tanks

Here's my latest setup of my two tanks.

Tank One :  Is a two-feet tank. There is two long sink-woods interlocking with some bush plants.

The wood underneath is a favorite place for them to hide when i am busy with the tank.

Air bubble pumps are used. Not in picture is a 58cm LED light on a timer and an auto-feeder hooked up.

Tank Two : Another two-feet tank with two small pieces of sink-woods separated.  Is a breeding tank currently and able to take a lot of punishing fish load so far. Some moss over the surrounding area and floating plants on top.

Have a plastic holder to hold used  filter stones and air pumps on both ends. I have another filter sponge added on one to increase filtering capacity. One feet LED light and a small planted lamp.

25th April 2012


  1. 我不喜欢小缸大鱼的感觉。2feet缸作为繁殖缸大小合适,养得话还是大一点的缸吧。

  2. You are right. I prefer planted 4 ft tank. But right now, i am too busy to have 4 ft tank. I will do them when i retired. :)

  3. By the way. Welcome to my blog. As you can see i have not add much article lately. I plan to accumulate them for later haha.