Apr 15, 2012

Taipei LFS - Datong District

Taipei aquarium shops open and close pretty dynamic. And is not easy to track them if they are at isolate location. I plan to comb Da Tong district area.

Here's the LFS Target list.
DistrictLast VisitedShop NameAddressRemarksTelephone
Da TongMarch-12巧意水族台北市中山區民生東路2段124號2樓Planted, Cory, Cichlids02-25621415
Da TongGoogle慶豐水族(台北店)台北市 中山區 錦州街119號台灣Not there.02-25617197
Da TongGoogleFu Jian 水族台北市中山區錦 州街. Opposite 慶豐水族02-25617197
Da TongGoogle信宏水族館台北市中山區農安街243號台灣Planted, …02-25025614

Just copy the address and you should be able to google it. Let me know if you have suggestion.

15th April 2012

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