Apr 8, 2012

Corydoras sodalis 網鼠

A perfect photo of C. sodalis to show anatomy of corydoras.

Corydoras sodalis

C. sodalis has a femine look in the face and swim rather quietly in the tank. She will nimble probes gently the surrounding area despite her size ~ 6cm. A similar looking species is C. reticulatus which has a black blotch in the dorsal fin. With reticulated pattern and silverish undercoating, her scutes structure are visibile to observation.

Corydoras do not have scales instead they are famously known for their armoured plates, the lateral scutes overlapping, that gives them their name. They form two rows of bony plates running along the flanks. The name Corydoras is derived from the Greek kory (helmet) and doras (skin).

8th April 2012

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