Apr 23, 2012

Corydoras Eggs - C. duplicareus - Day 8

After incubating for days, they hatched on 5th. Photo is the 8th day.

Their bellies are getting smaller and is time i try to start  feeding them some live brine shrimps. They are not eating yet but i hope in 12 hours time.

While I am doing all this, i have already collected about 3-4 batches of dozon eggs each time during this 8 days period. The batch size is a bit small as they are known to lay about 50 eggs a time..

Anyway I have the different batches separated into a number of hatcheries till i ran out of space and decided to move some to the guppy mini breeding plastic box on the left photo.

However the slit holes are only slightly smaller than the fry on the first day. Once the bellies start reducing, they will easily pass through them and fall down to the tank bottom which is almost a death sentence to most frys. Therefore do remember to move them out once hatched.

23rd April 2012

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