Apr 8, 2012

Corydoras haraldschultzi

Another elegant species of corydoras not commonly found in the hobby. C. haraldschultzi is a rather large specimen with unique long snout of ~ 8cm size (caudal to snout) from literature. The one i had is only 5~6 cm size. It is a known syntopic with Corydoras sterbai which has a round snout. Both are found in a number of brazilian and bolivia waters with few other similar looking species.

C. haraldschultzi

Corydoras belongs to the Callichthyida family of the Catfish which has six known genera. All such categories are technically man-made definition.

It is broadly classified under Catfish though they look very different from typical fish we know except for their barbels probably.

In nature, broad diversity of fish species evolved over long period of time in waters like Amazon River where creeks and ponds are formed and isolated with rain seasonality allowing localized population with their own unique characteristic to develop into unique species through natural selection process. That's one main reason why we have so many Corydoras species today that we can enjoy.

In the relm of hierarchy levels of scientific classification, order of grouping on evoluted species are needed to manage thousands of them in the world today to study systematically.

Corydoras haraldschultzi


Often among the sub-species, the main differences can be just snout types. Namely Round, Long and Acute with the body pattern almost exactly the same or slightly varied and likely syntopic. Commonly collect and sold in the hobby is the round type of the fish.

Acute snout corydoras is known harder to survive in aquarium setting let alone breeding them. They are peculiar to temperature and possibly water ph to thrive.

8th April 2012

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