Apr 4, 2012

Corydoras gossei 紅翅青背鼠

I found them in a taiwan corydoras speciality shop. Relatively small size of about 1.5cm. Known to grow to about 5cm in the wild of Brazil water. Very similar to Corydoras seussi (long-snout) body pattern which i happen to have except it has short snout.

Corydoras gossei
 They are quite colourful with proper background contrast and lighting. One thing i learn from the trio is juvenile corydoras do not survive easy and extra care has to be taken to ensure they survive to adulthood.

On the right picture, the pair looks comical and cute. I would like to try this species again for the right price if available again.

This is from snyderguy: As the lady says, "they're like puppies! With their sniffing through the sand and wagging their little tails to move around"

4th April 2012

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