Oct 5, 2013

Shrimps Acclimatization

Thinking of setting up a shrimp based planted tank. Spend 30 minutes to blog and research my plan.

One key takeaway i found is the need to be prepared to acclimatized Shrimp as they are sensitive to water conditions.

My Notes : Planted, CO2, Small-Medium size tank, Plants, Shrimp species, Fish types, Tank layout, Food, Lights, Soil, Shells, Mini Net with long handle, external drip hanger, Wood/Stones, Mini Canister,Scissor - 14" - Curve, mini-net.

Few things to watch,

The planted tank has to be ready and stable before buying Shrimps

Netting rims are hard and pressing the shrimp against the plastic bag can cause injury

Avoid transfer that expose the Shrimps to air
Especially when they are stressed. Moss to calm the Shrimps

Spend an hour to transfer tank water to the shrimp
Do not transfer water back to the tank to avoid external introduction

Shrimps molt when environment parameters change. During this period their skin is very soft.
Remove fishes that will attack them.

Do not feed them till they have settled comfortably

5th Oct 2013

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  1. Bought 3 Rili shrimps. So excited with it that i expedite my new tank by transferring some materials and water from old tank to new hoping to overcome the cycling processes. As the shrimps condition were quite bad, i throw them into the new tank after 15 minutes. One of them bursting with eggs which i am not sure will they survive. I have also added 11 C. pygmaeus.