May 6, 2012

Corydoras duplicareus @ Day 20

Three more deaths from different hatcheries but none of them has red content in stomach from the red coloring of dry foods. I decided to stop Brine Shrimp feeds (maybe is too potent) just in case as many of them able to take dry foods already.

Day 20 fry with newly hatched
A few looks weak from refusal to eat so i expect few more deaths in the coming days. At the meantime, the adults continue to spawn eggs but not more than 10 each time with many of them infertile.

Swimming Upside Down
Oil Accumulation on the surface is another issue. Interestingly there is one hatchery that do not has. In it, there are frys swimming upside down suckering on the surface which probably explains the lack of it. Not sure the extend of impact to their health. One of the DIY hatchery was then modified to allow surface pass through with the main tank as an experiment. This is fun.

6th May 2012

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